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Because a man has to be a sociopath to love a woman with cellulite. 
Fuck this world. 

If all residents of hell look like Scarlett Johansson, I renounce my atheism and take up Satanism

whoever wrote this needs to be punched. a lot.

breaking news: man somehow isn’t repulsed at the sight of his beautiful, talented girlfriend because she has a bumpy texture on a bit of her legs

This just in: reporter unaware of how the female human body stores fat, having never seen one up close before.

If that’s what Hell looks like, I feel better about inevitably going there

Party in hell!! :D

Shocking news!!! Not all men are misogynistic assholes who only think of women’s bodies as objects meant to make their tiny little penises hard. Somebody figure out who wrote this and take away his internet privileges, please.



GIVE ME THIS MOVIE, MARVEL. Look, I drew you a poster and everything. Just make it happen. (Tumblr, it’s your task to write the pitch and script.)

How can I put this…  Tumblr doesn’t need to write a pitch and pen a script.  Marvel and Disney need to listen to what’s wanted, hire someone to  write the script, and the pitch, the plot, is all in Captain America: Winter Soldier.  We don’t need another action movie, we know Black Widow is a kick ass.  We need a story that delves into who she is, what she can do without violence, and her leadership skills.  Of course, any movie about someone code named Black Widow is going to have action in it, but open up the world of the Marvel universe to show more of the day to day bullshit secret agents have to go through when not on super secret missions.  THAT is the kind of Black Widow movie I want to see.

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